Saturday, January 6, 2018


with the help of the Church
Some souls fell after Hades in Paradise with the help of the Church, not only and certainly not everyone ... now who and to what extent? Let's share Hades with an ocean. In the light path of water from the surface of the sea at depth Fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty rare Thirty meters is the so-called beam of light where the sun's rays penetrate and even a small light. From then on, Erebus, the true eternal darkness. Thus, at this time (the average of the escape of hell of the unsaved) there are so many souls in Hades to penetrate the Divine Liturgy, and little-aging can grow more and more. So when the series moves to Paradise
Some hell will go to Paradise
And they did not fully reveal our Christ and we saved because some of Hell would go to Paradise! Here is the experience and the importance of the monuments I made ... Not to be saved
Hell is the place where the wicked demons and people with soul and body after the Second Coming. Now the demon Although punished, but feels good because our struggles. After the Second Coming, they will be punished without being able to fight anyone. Experiencing hell, but now, but compassionate because they are fighting and defeating someone who is winning and leading him to hell. After the Second Coming, life will begin eternally
In the Kingdom of Heaven
In the Kingdom of Heaven today is only Christ and Our Lady with soul and body. The saints are in Paradise but without a body
There is no one in hell
Hell is completely empty! It contains absolutely no one. Because it was not even the Second Coming ... In Hell they will find themselves after the Second Pointers and the sinners with soul and body.

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